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How to Get Video on Your iPod Your Mac's collection of DVDs, home movies, and TV shows are also perfect fodder. With the right software, you can quickly convert these movies into iPod-compatible files and take them with you on your morning commute or next vacation. While music continues to be the main focus of the iTunes Music Store, it's not the only thing you'll find there. Besides offering audiobooks and podcasts (both audio and video), iTunes download tiktok no watermark also gives you access to short animations, music videos, and more. If you have a video-enabled iPod, you can even record videos on the road to catch up on the latest episode of your favorite TV show while at the gym, or learn new photo editing tricks while on the bus to work. But the addition of video brings new challenges. For example, you can't just drag a home movie onto your video iPod and expect it to play. You must first convert it into the proper format. And videos you download from the iTunes Music Store have their own limitations. Here's what you need to know to download, organize, convert, and play video files in iTunes and on your iPod. Find Videos To catch up on what's available on iTunes, open the Music Store and select 'Music Videos', 'Movie Trailers', or 'Pixar' from the Inside The Music Store column. Video downloads will set you back £1.89 GBP, although when TV shows become available you'll be able to purchase a Multi Pass which will allow you to purchase the entire season at a discount. You can also find free videos in the iTunes Music Store, in the form of video podcasts. To access it, click the 'Podcasts' item on the Music Store homepage, then click the 'Video Podcasts' button in the middle of the Podcasts page. As with audio podcasts, you can add video podcasts to your library by simply clicking the 'Subscribe' button. If you want to download just one podcast episode, click the podcast title, then click the 'Get Episode' button next to the item you're interested in. Manage video purchases Downloaded videos will appear next to your music tracks and podcasts in your iTunes library. You can distinguish it from other files with the help of the small gray video icon that appears after the title. To see all your videos in one place, click the 'Videos' item in the 'Sources' list. Lack of videos Video download times aren't particularly fast and you'll need a broadband connection to get the content. Then you can spend about three minutes downloading a four-minute music video. Downloading a one-hour TV show (about 44 minutes without commercials) can take up to 40 minutes, depending on your hardware. Video files also take up more drive space than music files. If your Mac's hard drive is running out of space, you may want to consider moving your iTunes library to an external hard drive. HK pools | HK Prize | Togel | Toto HK | sbobet mobile | judi bola online | Togel SDY | Togel Sydney | Data SDY | data toto macau | | situs judi bola | slot gacor | slot online | keluaran sdy hari ini